For the complete experience, combine training at the best athletic facilities in Mykonos with a stay at the on-site luxurious Charisma Hotel & Wellness Suites. A unique space where charismatic individuals can choose to experience whatever it is that nurtures their minds and bodies.

Hidden in the heart of the island, it combines exceptional architecture with earthy materials and a panoramic view of the local landscape blending with the Aegean sea, to create an organic sense of being for each visitor.  

At this natural crossroads, the "art of imperfection" combines with high-end hospitality, wellness and culinary services, creating a euphoric feeling for every traveler.  

More than a boutique luxury resort, Charisma is a concept that redefines the Mykonos experience for creatives, explorers and holidaymakers.

If you are interested in staying at stunning sea-view suites with a private pool or to book an accommodation & training package you can enquire about a booking here or contact the accommodation team directly at: