Mykonos Performance is an elite-athlete exclusive Rehabilitation and Performance Resort that provides athletes from across the world the perfect conditions to optimize performance in style.

Our clients enjoy premium quality fitness and wellness services whilst enjoying a vacation at the iconic island of Mykonos.

Mykonos Performance revolutionised the concept of off-season training and rehabilitation in 2016 by creating the first of its kind brand in the world.

Run by practitioners with sports-specific expertise, this premier facility welcomes elite athletes from all sports and corners of the world. 


  • We provide top end Fitness, Performance, Treatment and Rehabilitation Services for athletes during their off-season period.

  • Enhance your return to playing from long-term injuries using our state-of-the-art gym facilities with the help of our expert physiotherapy team - combine injury rehab, yoga classes and sports massage in a warm weather training environment in Mikonos. 

  • Make the best possible preparation ahead of pre-season with sports-specific personal training tailored to your individual physique and condition. 

  • At Mykonos Performance, we also facilitate the organisation of premium accommodation packages that fit your requirements whether you are travelling as an individual, with your partner or for family holiday.

Booking process

At Mykonos Performance we don't offer just one standard type of fitness session or therapy or treatment. The success of our approach is based on understanding each athlete's physiology and requirements first before designing their programmes.

If you are interested in using our services, please contact us to provide more details about the type of training you are looking to do or whether you need help to overcome a specific injury and would therefore require some treatment sessions. 

Please make sure to let our team know any additional information about your requirements such as the dates of your stay in Mykonos, any accommodation needs, the number of sessions you plan to do etc. to allow us to create a suitable quote for you.